Love sometimes makes you do some crazy things and you’d be surprised at the great lengths you’ll take to get to know your crush better.

Before social media, getting to know your crush was a lot less private and more difficult as you would rely on information retrieved from asking about them from friends. This would then bring your friends and their friends into the mix, and as soon as a lot of people know about your secret, you begin to feel vulnerable and all you want to do is run away.

In modern times, finding out more about your crush is easier because of social media. You gather a lot of information about someone’s personality and their lives through social media because we are the generation shares our lives on public platforms.


So, let’s start with Facebook.

I find that Facebook is the more personable of the social networks because it’s been around for a lot longer than the other popular platforms and is built on sharing your life with your friends. Looking at your crush’s pictures gives you a glimpse into their lives. You’ll see their pics of their younger days, their friends, family and good times that they’ve had.

You can read their status updates where you’ll see their views about everything from how their day was to what they think about life. This will give you insight on their personality and things that are important to them.

And off-course, look out for lovey-dovey pictures or subliminal posts about love. Sometimes people don’t like to be direct on social media, so you’ll have to read between the lines and scan carefully through pictures.

Twitter is a bit of a tricky one because if your crush mainly tweets out news and information and not much about themselves, then it won’t be that helpful in trying to figure them out.

At least you’ll know about the current affairs that they’re interested in if they stick to posting about information, but if they post personal updates, then you can go through their timeline to read their thoughts.

Instagram is great for getting to know your crush better because it’s also a personable social network where people post about their lives. You’ll see your crush’s selfies, holiday pics and pictures of events they’ve attended with family and friends. People also tend to post pictures of their significant others, so you’ll get to know whether or not they’re available.

While you’re going through your crush’s timelines on these social media networks, make sure that you don’t like all of their pictures or status updates, and don’t comment on or like pictures and updates that were posted past 14 days. That will make you look like a stalker, and if you make your crush uncomfortable, they might block you and not give you the time of day when they see you.

Social media stalking takes up a lot of time, but it’s a great way to know your crush before telling them how you feel.

So, happy stalking 🙂

*image from LolWot.

*Dailypost WordPress.



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