This is the coolest owling pic ever!

In my opinion, we as young people are the freshest people on earth, because we have the God-given ability to turn everyday, seemingly normal things into a social phenomenon. Forget planking for a moment, a newly created social craze called Owling is starting to take over.

Owling involves perching on your haunches and staring into the middle distance, trying to look wise, just like everyone’s favourite bird of prey.

Cool dudes owling.

Owling is believed to have started in Australia, but now it has spread to most parts of the world. It also follows the same trend as planking in terms of taking a picture of an Owler in an odd location, which adds to the coolness of it, and the more daring your owling is, the more kudos you get.

Australia seems to be the leader when it comes to these crazy trends, so I think its time that we South Africans join the bandwagon of creating silly trends that will create a worldwide buzz. I personally think I should do that, so watch this space!


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