Women have taken this independence thing way too far, to the extent of looking like an exaggerated man. Here is a woman who is considered as the strongest woman in Sweden, but by the looks of things, its probably ‘the strongest woman in the world’.

She goes by the name of Irene, and says she started her bodybuilding career in the late 70’s when women began to take part in bodybuilding competitions. Girlfriend has basically been training since she was 15 years old, after ditching jazz ballet and judo for lifting weights and doing exercises that no woman could ever dream of.


Not that I’m hating or that I’m sexiest, because I am a woman, but some things should be kept within our sex limits. There are just some things that men can’t do, and equally, there are things that women cannot do. Bodybuilding is one of those sports that women should away from, particularly for the obvious reason that women look their most natural and appealing when they have that soft, curvaceous, ‘Eve in the Garden of Eden’ kinda body. It’s a myth to say that looks don’t count because they do, and as much as some people would hate to admit this, but the way you look attracts people to you or away from you, and it also says a lot about you as a person. With a woman looking like this, she might as well cut her hair off, add more testosterone to her body and switch over to the male side of life.

But bigups to home-girl for going after her passions though. I guess some things we will never fully understand.



  1. Things have changed Lebz. Most of us in some sense have rejected the norm that men are fundamentally what makes us happy. That’s why our mothers, even our fathers, encourage us to be independant so that we can make our own happiness. What that entails differes from woman to woman; in Irene’s case it’s body-building,a career in its own right, just like me and you are pursuing to be successful at our careers of choice. I am by no means a feminist, but I also acknowledge the limitations of men and making my own moves becasue I doubt there is a man who can satisfy all your desires, from self-worth to just affording good stuff, some of that is our burden and we need to adapt or be sad forever in our unfulfillment.

  2. hey Mpho. True hey, we all have different outlets by which we express ourselves, but I guess some people tend to be a tad bit extreme, like what we see with the bodybuilding females, but hey, I guess its all about living life hey…

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