The value of you

You are like a well-thought-out plan.  Every part of you is meticulous,   Positioned for being,  Adorned with love.  You are like a body of art,  Crafted in flawless ways,  Sculpted with precision,  Scripted to perfection.    You are like a kind word that heals the heart,  Your existence unfolds like a beautiful story.  Through […]

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The Hector Pieterson Museum tells the story of the 1976 Soweto youth uprising

In 1953, the apartheid government introduced the bantu education system for all Black South Africans, formalising years of segregated education in the country. Then Minister of Native Affairs, Hendrik Verwoerd, spoke of the objective of Bantu Education when he said “there is no place for the Bantu in the European community above the level of […]

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Waking up intoxicated

She didn’t realise she was driving at full speed, her head spinning from intoxication until a loud bang swung her car on the road.  The screech almost burst her eardrums.  Glass rained on her.  She screamed until everything went black.  When she woke up, she saw dozens of flashing red and blue lights with people […]

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Falling into place

Her bedroom felt like an interrogation cell. A candle on her study table flickered, offering dim light.  She felt as though the beige-coloured walls were caving in, The thump of her heart blasted through her ears.  She tried to calm down but she couldn’t,  Rocking backwards and forward, rubbing her arms, breathing in and out. […]

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Some insight into ancient Southern Africa gold mining

Gold, cattle and ivory played a significant role in the Southern African kingdoms of Mapungubwe, Thulamela and Great Zimbabwe. These kingdoms were not only established centres of agriculture, but also essential gold and ivory trade partners with the Arabs and Portuguese.  According to historians, Mapungubwe, located on the borders of Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa, […]

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