You make me feel good

I enjoy you.  I enjoy the magnetic pull of attraction between us,  I enjoy being engrossed in you.  I enjoy your touch,  It makes my nerves tingle with pleasure.  I enjoy your caress, You make my heart gallop.  I enjoy the warmth of your skin on mine,  I enjoy being in your arms. Hold me […]

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It feels good to be single

It feels good to be alone,  To have my life to myself,  To have my time to myself, To have me to myself.  It feels good to not carry another human being, A human that is dense,  A human that is complex,  A human that occupies space and time,  A human that is all consuming.  […]

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When your spirit left

I could feel your spirit leave.  In a heartbeat,  I fell into a black box.    Pitch black.  Devoid of sound.  Devoid of breath.  Lifeless.    Out of nowhere, Isolation punched me in the stomach.  I plunged on to the cold, hard ground,  Winded,  Choking,  All because, Your spirit left me.    *image from Pexels.

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Visiting Jamestown in Accra, Ghana

Welcome to Jamestown, current home to a Ga community of fishermen and previously a slave trading post in West Africa.  According to Nat Nuno-Amarteifio, architectural historian and ex-mayor of Accra, Jamestown began with the erection of James fort by the British in 1673. The British fort was the last European trading post to be erected […]

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The love of my life

Can I be your one and only?   Can I be the only one whose eyes you look into,  The only one who captures you, The only one you desire,  The only one you melt into?  Can I be the only one you seek intimacy with,  The only one you hold close, The only who […]

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Love brings life

When he looks at me, I take his breath away.  My presence excites him, My words revive him.  I refresh him like the summer rain, I cause him to blossom.  Finally, he’s seen. Finally, he’s heard.  Finally, he lives…  Unfettered,  He can breathe.  I make him believe in love again. 

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Freedom, you feel unfamiliar

I feel unworthy of enjoying the caress of the sun, I feel sinful with every breath of fresh air I inhale,  I look strange with no black eye, cuts and bruises, I feel naked with no chains around my body.   Freedom, I feel uneasy with you.  Freedom, I feel like I don’t deserve you.  […]

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